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  • пречиствател на въздуха lightair ionflow signature gold
  • пречиствател на въздуха lightair ionflow signature gold
  • air purifier lightair ionflow signature black
  • air purifier lightair ionflow signature white
  • air purifier lightair ionflow signature gold closeup
  • пречиствател на въздуха lightair ionflow signature gold

Пречиствател на въздуха LightAir IonFlow Signature

  • Проектиран за помещения с площ до 540 кв. фута/60 м²
  • Унищожава 97% от вирусите, докато са все още във въздуха
  • Премахва най-малките и най-вредните частици
  • Без вентилатор и филтър

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About IonFlow Signature

Our most powerful air purifier. Sophisticated model with a classic finish that mimics the texture of wood and a handmade acrylic base. Covers areas up to 60 m2 (650 ft2).

Independent tests on our patented IonFlow technology show that our filter-free, ozone-free and silent purifiers neutralize 97% of viruses and remove 99.94 % of mold and allergens in the air, as well as ultra-fine particles up to 0.007 microns - the most dangerous particles of all, far too small for ordinary HEPA air purifiers to effectively remove.

If you want cleaner air, why to stop at 10%?

LightAir removes particles that regular HEPA air purifiers cannot remove

Ordinary HEPA air purifiers can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, but 90% of the particles from air, including harmful ones, are smaller than that. Most HEPA air purifiers remove only a fraction of these harmful particles. Our LightAir IonFlow air purifiers use negative ions, not filters, to remove small particles up to 0.007 microns.

LightAir neutralizes 97% of viruses.

LightAir IonFlow air purifiers provide unsurpassed protection against viruses that HEPA air filters IonFlow purifiers attach negative ions to viruses, making them harmless (non-contagious) when they are already in the air.

A 7-year study with a budget of 1.2 million Euros conducted by scientists at the Karolinska Institute concluded that LightAir IonFlow technology neutralizes 97% of viruses with airborne transmission, ever since they aired.

Their findings were made public to the scientific community in the journal Nature Sciences and Reports where the name of the LightAir IonFlow brand is specifically mentioned.

Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep11431

Нямаме нищо против сравненията.

Вижте как сме оправдали очакванията. 

Our IonFlow air purifiers not only clean the air better and offer better protection against viruses compared to regular HEPA filters. They are also quieter, use less electricity, and have near-zero annual operating costs, compared to more than $ 500 a year for less efficient HEPA filtration systems.

Ниво на шума

Quiet, IonFlow air purifiers will not disturb your sleep or concentration. Operating at 21 decibels (compared to 35-80 decibels for HEPA filtration systems), they cannot be heard above normal background noise.

Консумация на енергия на час

At full power, IonFlow air purifiers use only 5 Watt compared to 60-175 Watt for ordinary filter-based air purifiers. Since the air is kept clean as long as you do something about it, air purifiers must work 24/7.

Годишни оперативни разходи

There is no need for replacement and there is no need to buy one more never expensive filter. Just rinse the reusable LightAir particle collector with water. It helps you save between $ 50-400 a year compared to filter-based air purifiers and is great for the environment. Combined with those low energy costs, the savings can reach hundreds of dollars a year - enough to pay for a second IonFlow purifier.

По-малко алергени с всеки дъх

LightAir brings improvements for people with asthma, allergies and COPD, as well as for children, the elderly and the sick, who are most exposed to infections, fine particles and ultra-fine particles.

You or those around you are suffering from respiratory problems? 

LightAi air purifiers  IonFlow removes efficiently:

LightAir IonFlow air fresheners can make a big difference to those who suffer from:


Warranty : 2 years.

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Тегло 5 kg
Размери 40 × 24 × 50 cm


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