vízionizáló alkaviva Athena H2vízionizáló alkaviva Athena H2
  • vízionizáló alkaviva Athena H2
  • vízionizáló alkaviva Athena H2

Athena H2 víz ionizáló


  • Páratlan UltraWater™ szűrés
  • Intelligens elektródák (7 lemez)
  • Továbbfejlesztett DARC II tisztítás
  • Hatékony. Fejlett. Minden, amire szüksége van, elfogadható áron

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The 7-electrode Alkaviva Athena H2 ionizer gives you double filtering at the highest level plus all the top features in the field including DARC self-cleaning system and the latest breakthrough - Hydrogen Infusion Technology!

Released In 2007, the Athena model is a legend in the water ionizer industry. It was this model that created the category of ionizers with a medium price, for reasons that are easy to understand. With top performance and extreme reliability, Athena easily outperformed double-priced ionizers.

Athena H2 has been improved and now has 7 electrodes, a new generation SMPS power source, AutoAdjust system and DARC self-cleaning. Keeping the standard of maximum efficiency to a minimum, it has been redesigned using Hydrogen Infusion Technology that optimizes its performance, especially the production of Molecular Hydrogen or H 2 - hence its same. It has extremely good performance of negative ORP (-) and H2 at lower pH levels that are ideal for drinking water. You get the new standard of performance along with the same durability and reliability, all packaged in a new, more modern and attractive design. Everything that made this model so reliable and popular is now much improved. Climb a step and take your new leader in the middle price category: Athena H2 ; a legend for the future!

The new Athena H2 gives you:

Top 13 dual level filtering . Don't buy an expensive single-filter system or one that has simple carbon or vitamin C filters. The latest 13-step filtration system from Athena H2  it gives you healthy water that is impeccably clean!

 Seven advanced SmartDesign electrodes . We do not believe in oversized electrodes or high current voltages, which are often a sign of inefficient design. They degrade faster and have a dubious effect on the performance of the device. Our SmartDesign electrodes are designed and manufactured to offer top performance, absolute reliability and to operate with maximum efficiency and have a very high durability. Athena H2 gives you an ideal balance between seven top SmartDesign electrodes, the right amount of current that activates them, a good water flow and solid performance. 

 H2 lower pH levels where the water tastes great! Most other models can create at least a low H2

level . Any model that produces a decent level of H2 does this in a water with a dangerously high pH - always above a pH of 10. Not only is it questionable in terms of health benefits , but water with high pH does not taste good! Athena H2 is superior to other systems in its price range in that it delivers good H2 performance, especially at Lower pH - and safer. Cleaner, healthier water with good taste! Take a step                                       forward!

 DARC tisztítórendszer Teljesen automatikus öntisztító rendszer DARC tisztítórendszer . Clean the ionization chamber each time.  Keeping electrodes clean is essential for excellent H2 performance. Alkaviva paved the way for long-lasting performance with the patented DARC system. Athena H2 continues this tradition, giving you the comfort of not having to think about cleaning the electrodes or waiting for the ionizer to complete its cleaning cycle. Absolute security!

Valós idejű áramlásszabályozó rendszer. Optimal flow is also important to obtain optimal hydrogen performance. The Athena H2 flow control system gives you an LCD display and a control valve that allows you to easily and accurately set the flow you want, for each once you use the ionizer.

Automatikus beállítási rendszer. . With the AutoAdjust system, the current applied to the electrodes can be adjusted to an optimal level for your water,                               making sure you get peak levels of H2 every time you use your ionizer Athena H2 .

Top Certifications. < Alkaviva's 13 years of experience in water ionizers means you can trust Athena H2 , AlkaViva  és a gyárainkat!

pH values ​​you can get with Athena H2: between 3.5 and 11

Negative ORP values ​​you can get with Athena H2: akár -750 mV

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Tömeg 7 kg
Méretek 41 × 20 × 42 cm


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