h80 hidrogén generátorh80 hidrogén generátorh80 hidrogén generátorh80 hidrogén generátorh80 hidrogén generátor
  • h80 hidrogén generátor
  • h80 hidrogén generátor
  • h80 hidrogén generátor
  • h80 hidrogén generátor
  • h80 hidrogén generátor

Hordozható hidrogén vízgenerátor


  • Bárhová magával viheti
  • Magas hidrogénkoncentrációjú hidrogénezett vizet állít elő
  • Ütésálló
  • Kapacitás: 500ml

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Take hydrogenated water with you wherever you go. With the portable hydrogenated water ionizer, this has just become possible!

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This is a type of small hydrogenated water generator, on which you can easily take with you to the office, gym or travel. Works on a rechargeable battery.

It consists of a small body, which contains the electrolysis chamber and the battery and a container in which the water to be enriched with hydrogen is placed. & Nbsp;

After you put water in the container you press a button and the generator starts producing hydrogen, which dissolves in water. You have to wait 5 minutes for an operating cycle, after which the appliance switches off automatically and you can drink freshly produced hydrogenated water.

Hydrogen Water Benefits

  • It is a super antioxidant - Molecular hydrogen has certain specific advantages over other antioxidants, which leads researchers to propose it as aew antioxidant with superior preventive and therapeutic applications.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain. As we age, we have more pain. Hydrogen is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps reduce pain.
  • Supports an optimal level of cognitive functions byeutralizing excess free radicals that occur in the brain. The brain is 2-4% of body mass but consumes 20-40% of the oxygen you breathe. Because 2-5% of the oxygen you breathe turns into free radicals, your brain is severely damaged by oxidative stress. & Nbsp;
  • Supports the health of each cell. Research shows that H2 improves cellular communication, cellular metabolism, and the process of gene expression. & Nbsp;
  • < span style = "font-size: 16px;"> Activates the production of our own antioxidants. H2 triggers the activation of antioxidant enzymes in the body and / or proteins that protect the cell. & Nbsp;
  • < span style = "font-size: 16px;"> Helps increase energy level. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the fuel that creates energy inside cells during exercise. Research shows that H2 increases ATP production, and thus helps you maintain a high level of energy and achieve better performance.
  • Improves performance and reduces recovery time. Research on athletes has shown that hydrogen lowers lactic acid levels leading to better performance and faster recovery.
  • H2 improves hydration. When molecular hydrogen molecules (H2) combine with a free radical that theyeutralize, water (H2O) results, which increases cellular hydration.

Advantages of Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

  • Bárhová magával viheti
  • Produces hydrogenated water with a high hydrogen concentration
  • < li> Ütésálló

The main features of the portable hydrogenated water generator:

  • Kapacitás: 500ml
  • Cup material: Eastman Tritan
  • Hydrolysis resistant high temperature resistant resistant drop resistant, easy to clean.
  • Titanium-platinum electrolyte electrode, high efficiency electrolysis, long service life
  • Hydrogen content 0.8 -1.2 ppm,
  • Negative ORP: up to -500 mV
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAH < / li>

További információk

Tömeg 2 kg
Méretek 35 × 12 × 10 cm


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