alkaviva vesta h2 jonizator wody nowyalkaviva vesta h2 jonizator wody nowy
  • alkaviva vesta h2 jonizator wody nowy
  • alkaviva vesta h2 jonizator wody nowy
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Jonizator wody Vesta H2


  • Niezrównana filtracja UltraWater
  • SmartElektrody (9 płytek)
  • H2 Technologia infuzyjna
  • Ulepszone czyszczenie DARC II
  • Wielki H2 na każdym poziomie pH.

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Why the new 9-electrode ionizer is undoubtedly your first choice for the cleanest, healthiest, tastiest and most hydrogen-rich water.

Most people who drink alkaline water naturally tend to drink water that has a pH between 8 and 9 for the simple reason that it tastes better than water with a pH of 10 or more. Water with a pH of 8-9 is also safer. This raises an issue. You end up drinking water that doesn't have a very high pH, ​​but also doesn't have high enough levels of H2. To get good levels of H2 , you need to drink water with a pH of 10 or higher, which is neither very good in taste or recommended by the KFDA or the Japanese Ministry of Health. You have to give up something; you can't have both.

This was valid until now. The Vesta H2 surpasses other ionizers in terms of H2 , and does so within the recommended - and tasty - limits of a pH of 8 up to 9. This gives you the best in terms of pH and H2 .

Vesta H2 gives you the best filtration system you can find in a water ionizer and the latest and most powerful features Hydrogen generation that you can buy. It is the top of the H2 Series. The result is that you get the safest, cleanest, healthiest and - most importantly - the tastiest water. 

Vesta H2 : pure perfection.

The water ionizer Vesta H2 gives you these ultimate generation features: 

The best filtering from a top-level dual filter ionizer in 13 levels and UltraWater . Don't buy an expensive single-filter system or one that has simple carbon or vitamin C filters. Vesta H2, z UltraWater  plus the ultimate generation 13-step filtration system gives you healthy water that is impeccably clean!

Dziewięć zaawansowanych elektrod SmartDesign .  We don't believe in oversized electrodes or high current voltages, which are often a sign of inefficient design. They degrade faster and have a dubious effect on the performance of the device. Other ionizers within or more electrodeseed dużo energii do działania. Niektóre z nich wymagają zmniejszenia przepływu wody przez urządzenie. Inżynierowie odkryli, że najlepsza wydajność jest wtedy, gdy masz zaawansowane technologicznie elektrody, które stosują dokładnie odpowiedni poziom prądu. Nasze elektrody SmartDesign are designed and manufactured to deliver top performance. Vesta H2 gives you the perfect combination of the best electrode model and the optimal power level applied to them. The result is excellent flow, top performance, absolute reliability and very high durability.

 Maksymalny poziom H2 przy niższych poziomach pH, gdzie woda smakuje wyśmienicie! Most other models can create at least a small H2 level. However, any model that produces a decent level of H2 must work at maximum settings and will produce water with a pH above 10 to achieve the desired result. Not only is it questionable in terms of health benefits, but water with high pH doesn't taste good! This mode of use wears out more electrodes as well. The H2 Vesta is superior to other systems in that it offers better Hperformance. especially at lower pH levels - and safer.                             This is so important, so we need to emphasize it once again. Cleaner, healthier water with good taste! Take a step forward!

 W pełni automatyczny system samoczyszczący DARC Cleaning System . Cleans the ionization chamber with each use. Alkaviva has paved the way for long-lasting performance with the patented system DARC This is simply the best way to make sure that the most important part of the ionizer, the electrodes, are protected from mineral deposits. Mineral deposits are the enemy of performance. Vesta H2 continues this tradition of giving you the best self-cleaning system so that you can achieve excellent performance in the long run. It also offers the comfort of having to                             think about cleaning the electrodes or waiting for the ionizer to complete its cleaning cycle. Vesta H2 offers the best performance and comfort!

System kontroli przepływu w czasie rzeczywistym. Optimal flow is also important for optimum hydrogen performance. Vesta flow control system H2  gives you                          an LCD display and a control valve that allows you to easily and accurately set the flow rate you want, each once you use the ionizer.

System automatycznej regulacji. With the AutoAdjust system, the current applied to the electrodes can be adjusted to an optimal level for your water,making sure you get peak levels of H2 every time you use your ionizer Vesta H2 .


Top Certifications. Alkaviva's 13 years of experience in water ionizers means you can trust Vesta H2 , AlkaViva and our factories!

Negative ORP values ​​you can get with Vesta H2: up to -880 mV

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Waga 7 kg
Wymiary 41 × 20 × 42 cm

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  1. BetaWell (kierownik sklepu)

    A very good water ionizer. Top performance, elegant design.

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