July 8, 2021

Top 5 benefits for you of alkaline ionized water

July 8, 2021

1. More energy!

When we are dehydrated by only 5%, the vast majority of us will feel a 25-30% decrease in energy. And the vast majority of us are more than 5% dehydrated. When was the last time you drank enough water in a day?

Proper hydration ensures that your body’s cells can function efficiently, nutrient absorption is maximum, blood and circulatory system are healthy and toxins are eliminated from the body. When nutrient absorption is maximum, you will have more energy, even if you eat the same foods you ate before you hydrated properly.

When we are dehydrated we have headaches, thinking is more blurred, physical and mental fatigue occurs, we have mood swings, we tend to eat too much, our metabolism slows down, our motivation decreases and we are less productive.

Water is necessary for almost all body functions, so it is vital to hydrate properly and sufficiently. When we are dehydrated the body cannot function properly and our energy level and mood will suffer.

Fatigue is a hydration problem. If you feel tired drink 2 liters of water in the next 90 minutes and see how you feel afterwards!

2. Health and disease resistance – due to maintaining a proper alkaline / acid balance in the body

When you drink clean, filtered, alkaline water (with a pH higher than 8.5) you will notice that you start to feel an improvement in health and an increase in energy and vitality. Our body is designed to be alkaline and maintains a pH of about 7.365 in tissues and especially in the blood.

When we eat or drink too many foods or drinks that create acidity such as cola drinks, sugar, sweet bread, pizza, chips, alcohol, white rice, pasta, saturated fats, fast food, industrially processed foods, sauces and spices , dairy, meat, the body strives to maintain your pH of 7.365, which puts it under huge stress.

By hydrating our body with high pH water we help it maintain its alkalinity, eliminate toxins and acids and our energy and vitality increase significantly.

Overweight is also an acidification problem, so when you start hydrating yourself with alkaline water you will see your weight start to drop. It is enough to drink 2.5-3 liters of alkaline water a day and you will see a decrease in body weight. Which brings us to the next advantage …

3. Healthy weight loss!

Our brain does not differentiate between feeling thirsty and feeling hungry. Both occur when the body’s energy level drops. When our energy level drops, both sensations – thirst and hunger – appear, but we almost always assume that we need to eat. In other words, we often eat when in fact we should drink water. When we constantly and correctly hydrate this confusion between the two sensations no longer occurs and we will eat less, in fact we will eat exactly what we need. This can definitely help you lose extra pounds.

On the other hand, ionized alkaline water is the best detoxifier for the body, water being the main agent through which residues, toxins, dead cells are eliminated from the body. Most of the time, extra pounds occur due to too much toxins in the body. In order to continue functioning, the body removes these toxins from the circuit and isolates them by incorporating them into adipose tissue. Alkaline ionized water restores the right environment to the tissues, toxins are eliminated, and so the body no longer needs adipose tissue that “stores” toxins and gives it up.

4. Cleaner skin.

When you start hydrating constantly you will notice changes in the skin. Problems such as dry skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis will improve or begin to disappear. Why? When dehydrated, the body uses the available water reserves for vital organs such as the brain or heart and reduces the supply of water to peripheral organs such as the skin.

5. Slowing down aging.

The cause of premature aging is dehydration and acidification of the body. Aging occurs when we do not remove waste and toxins from the inside. The process of accumulation of toxins and acidity in the body causes aging. Help your body eliminate acidic waste, this is the strongest action against aging.

Antioxidants are also considered a method of preventing aging because they help the body neutralize free radicals. Negatively ionized water is by far the most powerful antioxidant, due to the huge amount of negative ions it contains. Each negative ion neutralizes a free radical molecule, so drinking alkaline ionized water is a great way to reverse the aging process.

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