UltraWater Filter for Alkaviva H2 Series Water Ionizer


UltraWater Filter for Alkaviva H2 Series Water Ionizer

  • Protection against deposits
  • BioStone Booster
  • BioStone impregnated activated carbon
  • Disc KDF 55
  • Shield sediments
  • UltraWater Disk Technology
  • Tourmaline balls


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The UltraWater H2 filter cartridge is manufactured by AlkaViva for the H2 series ionizers: Melody 2, Athena H2 , Vesta H2.

Protects the ionizer from hard water damage

2.BioStone Booster

Special filter medium thateutralizes chloramine, heavy metals and other contaminants . </ spa>

3.Carbon activated BioStone impregnat

Highest quality catalytic activated carbon impregnated with special filter substances through -a patented process. Provides superior filtering performance and longer life any other type of activated carbon

4.Disc KDF 55

Through an electrochemical process the oxidation-reduction effect increases. It also filters chloramine, heavy metals and helps reduce bacteria.

5.Sediment shield Electrostatic shield removes sediments from water. </ span>

6 . UltraWater Disk Technology

The filter environment provided by UltraWater disc technology uniquely impregnates a highly advanced reticular substrate, ensuring unparalleled contamination reduction .

7.Tourmaline Balls

FAR infrared energy of tourmaline lowers surface tension.

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0,62000 kg


8,5 × 8,5 × 26 cm


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